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#Agents by GreenSharp


We developed a SAP integrated solution named ICM# – ICMsharp – allowing the entire Sales Force SAP Incentive and Commission Management.

Built on the SAP ECC standard Incentive & Commission Management calculation engine, our ICM# solution enhances the original functionalities to comply with Italian taxation requirements and Italian commercial agents Collective Economic Agreements.

SAP ICM# means ready to go commission evaluation as it can be integrated through plain templates in just two months starting from EUR 20,000 investment.

Born on the SAP ECC 6 platform, ICM# is already available on SAP ERP rel. 4.7 and ERP 5.


Our SAP ICM# solution allows the native integration in SAP operational and accounting systems covering all commercial management needs:

Marketing personnel management

Agents, Agencies, Brokers, Area Managers, Employees, etc.

Agency agreement definition

 and personalized commission evaluation for each Seller or Agent.

Basic commission settlement

calculated whether on income, cashed, subject to clearance or invoice payment.

Cash in management

of all Italian and foreign forms: by direct remittance, bank transfer, cash order, promissory note, past due bill, controversy and bad debts.

Italian Agent legal compliance

Enasarco, Firr, client allowance or petty cash.

Agent Reporting

exportable in PDF format and SpreadSheet.


We grant your project a fast ICM# implementation, from analysis to final solution, as we supervise the production start-up and support you through training phases and integrated functional testing.

Our team takes care of the migration to ICM# from custom processing projects, relying on previously tested solutions and products direct knowledge gained before SAP ICM release.