#Omnichannel by GreenSharp


To meet the modern market requirements of integration among physical and digital channels,
we rely on an Omnichannel Fashion Retail offer, specifically designed for the textile and fashion retail industry, in collaboration with Birchman Group.

Omnichannel is where a retailer is able to address a consumer’s needs through multiple touch points,
thus incorporating technology as part of the customer experience.

A good Customer Engagement Management strategy increases client
retention rate by 91%, because is able to follow the customer
along the whole shopping journey.


We are exclusive distributor on the Italian market of Birchman FashionWorks solution,
based on SAP
and improved by the best practices over 15 years of experience among over 30 clients, thus granting:

Link all channels in Omichannel

Easier purchases

Increased sales

Stock optimisation

Deeper knowledge of the consumer

Improved customer experience

Improved brand image

Accurate real-time market trends forecasts to react quickly

Stock availability anytime, anywhere

Implementing Birchman FashionWorks only takes 3 months with low impact and low risk
to support the growth of businesses of all sizes thanks to

Quick implementation (3 months)

Flexible formula, enabling new business areas

Possibility of gradual investment

Availability in public cloud, private cloud or on premise

Main international fashion brands are already taking advantage of omnichannel potential.

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