#AMS by GreenSharp


Delight your IT people through our comprehensive offer of operative and corrective support services. Our SAP Application Maintenance support team provides an Helpdesk service for installations and infrastructures based on SAP such as:


IDOC & RFC and related services.

SAP NetWeaver

SAP Process Integration/ Orchestration, SAP Enterprise Portal. 

Web and Mobile Application

SAP customized applications.

Through a single Helpdesk interface you can quickly and easily activate the Technical Assistance to solve operative system errors simply by submitting an application. Applications sent are registered in the ticketing service, then executed according to urgency.

SAP PI and SAP ECC platforms include alerting and monitoring tools making our SAP Application Maintenance support team able to intervene immediately.


The TICKETING SYSTEM is managed with full transparency, providing:

Errors surveying

Problem description

Estimated timeline intervention/implementation

Intervention strategy

Taken actions report

Current state of the project

SAP Application Maintenance services are available as AM HelpdeskBasic Level (Monday – Friday, 9 am – 6 pm) and AM Advanced Level (Monday – Friday 24hr) but can be fully customized with Extra services according to specific needs.
There’s no need of SAP application maintenance estimation as you decide in advance the service level you need.


The SAP Maintenance Program Definition is set through Service Level Agreement, defining basic corrective maintenance range of activity and working methodology included in the SAP Application Maintenance service fee.

The SAP Maintenance Program is much more than distress corrections. Our AM Team also provides proactive support strategies, offering possible infrastructure improvements, identifying the processes and performances rate of progress and suggesting the integration with new software systems and possible evolution of the set-up. You’ll always run SAP systems smoothly at optimum performance level.


In addition to the SAP Application Maintenance services described above, we are committed to providing professional ‘On-Demand’ services dedicated to: technical, functional or operative On-Site support, New Implementations, Flows restyling or at the execution of any additional projects on your request.

SAP Application Maintenance On-Demand services activation is managed through the Helpdesk platform which performs a first analysis of the anomaly to identify whether the intervention type belongs to the Basic Corrective Maintenance or Extra services.

Following the analysis, a bid is provided based on fees related to the anomaly resolution and the professional qualifications of technical profiles involved. Once the offer is approved, we perform the detection and correction of the anomalies or the maintenance activity execution. Request closure includes signaling the effective actual correction/maintenance to keep track of every change and rely on an up-to-date SAP Maintenance Program history.